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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Under the Radar....

...that's how I like to fly. State RR Championship weekend. So rather than buying my 07 road license and risk potentially winning another cat III state RR jersey and the ridicule that would follow on fisting, I loaded up the Saabaru and headed off to KY for some mtb racing.

I was told at the start of the season that sponsorship was going to be awarded to team players who have good attitudes who are " going out there and getting it". That's what I am liking about mountain bike racing. Everyone at the race has good attitudes, I am the only one responsible for how my team does and if you are going out there to get it you lose. It's a time trial. I feel re-vitalized!!! I am so exiting about racing this year. No matter where you race mountain bikes people are friendly. I didn't know anyone at the race and people just kept coming up to me to ask where I was from and congratulate me on my win. It is a good feeling.

The expert race was a long one, 33 miles, and after doing endurance races and hard training for 3 weeks I was burnt but I got to the front of the 5 person 30-39 field fast and didn't see anyone after that. I managed to catch either 3 or 4 of the 5 19-29 guys who started 2 mins ahead of us as well. I was feeling ok until the third lap when I fell into the


The K hole is a bad place, just ask Matt James. I started to wonder if I was going to finish the last 1/2 of the lap. The K Hole just kept getting deeper. I ate some gels and an Enervit cheerpack and drank the rest of the top-secret drink mix. The guy who put on the race, a 40-49 expert guy from the Wood and Wave bike shop came by me. I limped across the finish line, pretty far ahead of the next guy but it took a toll. I am sitting here today petting my kitties and weaving some nice baskets trying to get out of the k hole.

I won the race and got $60 bucks which was cool. Doesn't really hold a candle to the $10 gift certificate I got to West County Cycles after getting waxed by Dwayne and Kurt at the Castlewood race (hardest race ever), but it was still nice.

Going to HOOSIERFEST 2007 at Council Bluff this weekend! Can't wait...

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