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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Memorial Day and KC Cup Racing

Part I

I took a weekend off from racing and headed down to Hooshy fest 07 at Council Bluff with a bunch of quality folks- Jen, Rex Kwon-Do, Anne Dr., my little buddy Emilie, Mike Flanny, Matt James and his understanding wife Liz. Some other riff-raff showed up to ride and or party like The Edwards Klan and Sment and his lady friend.

It sure seemed like it was going to storm all weekend but we didn't get hit with a drop. After consuming way too much tequila, I was feeling confident with my skills that I had been neglecting while concentrating on racing and practiced consuming a bunch of Mexican beers. When I felt I was up to speed I decided to go to work on the sweet bottle of high end (that you can only find on the bottom shelf) gallon jug of Carlo and Rossi Sangria. I perfected the recipe and saved a little to share with folks the next night.

Ahhh, the headache. Didn't keep us from doing some epic riding on the Middle fork though. We headed out after clearing out the cobwebs and got in a good 3.5 hrs. Jen attacked the trail like no other, as did Gauge Edwards and they both lost but have some sweet scars and bruises from the battle.

We got back and Black Matt wanted to put it down so we set off around the lake at a blistering pace with Flanny. I cut my sidewall and Matt pushed on for an estimated 45 min lap. World record shit folks.

Sun night was a classic campfire party and seeing Emilie get down to some serious sangria to the point of tring to suck the fruit out of the jug was clasic! We woke up the next morning to this monster spidy in Emilie and Mikes tent. It was as big as my little buddy Emilie and Flanny made her get it out after making her get him beer after beer the night before he was too hungover and scared to deal with it. We have some pretty sweet footage of Jen telling Emilie to "just pick it up" with Flanny gigling in the background.

More riding on Monday on the North Trace with Emilie, Jen and Mike. The trail wasn't in the best condition and neither were out chapped asses. 5 hrs saddle time on the MTB the day before was a bit much for the sweet cheeks so we called it at about 3 hrs, packed up camp and headed off to the Mexican resty and just not wanting to let the fun end we all headed to Ted Drewes to eat and people watch. We definately felt like we had earned it but most other folks there had not. Good times.

Part II

KC CUP at Landahl

Mud. No mud tires. Bad combo. With no long distance action I did the expert race. I was second in the woods and about 4 of us shelled the rest of the field on the first climb. About 3 miles in I was riding up a rocky ledge and flipped backwards off the side. I banged up my knee pretty good and two guys passed me. On the second lap I had caught back on to #2 until I had to stop to clear the mud out so my wheel would spin. At the beggining of the 3rd lap I caught and gapped the # 2 guy pretty quick and was starting to feel good. I began to put it down and chase hard. I had no idea how far in front of me # 1 was but churned out my best lap of the day. I was hoping to see him on the 4th lap but was getting caught behind all kinds of riders I was either lapping of from other fields and wasting lots of time being "polite" after running someone off the trail and over the bars at the Castlewood race. I ended up less the 2 mins down and had put more than 4 mins on # 3 on the last lap. I felt pretty good but had wrecked my knee pretty bad. It looks like a giant melon. MJ took a respectible 5th place.

The Heartland Race series is the heat. Huge fields, huge payouts and one big happy party. They had BBQ, free beer and it really was a "Dirt (mud) loving good" time like they promised. I'll be back.

Part III

This weekend we are headed up to WI for some endurance stuff as long as my knee gets better. Jen, Ann, and Rex are going to do a team 12 hr and I am going to go for the 6 hr. More later. Cheers mates!

BTW, on the way back from the KC Cup Matt and I saw a billboard for the Bull Testicle Festival. Yes, it's real and we are so there!


Dwayne G said...

man you guys are having way to much fun, when do you guys work?

Brian said...

"I'm Matt James, Bitch!"

When I hear Matt says these magic words, I can die in peace. I promise.