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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Never have I wanted to quit a race so badly

That was really hard. I want to write this now so my memory of the pain is still strong. I guess it's always easy to make excuses on why I didn't do a little better, why I got smoked by guys that I beat last weekend but it just boiled down to not having the legs. My legs were shot. But here are my excuses anyways...

Hindsights 20/20 and I know what mistakes I made, not in the race, just in the week leading up to the race. I was pretty jazzed about my finish last weekend and knew that the "big guns" would be showing up so I got greedy and dug a little too deep this week, wanting to be sharp. Instead I rode myself into the ground and starting doing some interval work thinking that I might be able to prime myself for the effort. I was fueling myself on Halloween candy and not eating normally. I should have been just keeping the legs warm and riding a little and instead I put raced Sunday, put in 2.5 hours Monday, the same with tempo work on Tuesday, 3 hours with 30 minutes of threshold intervals on Wed, a night mountain bike ride on Thursday, 2.5 hours on Friday and a 1 hour race tune up on Sat morning. I know my fitness is good and don't need to be doing this kind of riding this late in the season. I guess if there is a bright side it would be training through a race like today for this...

I'm by no means saying that I would have been able to mix it up at the front today, but anyone that watched the race or came up behind me would have seen me going backwards after the first lap. I actually didn't even go out as hard as I did last week and avoided the early total anerobic blowout, but as the race went on I began to seriously power down. I wasn't able to hold anyones wheel after they passed me, no matter how hard I tried. I kept thinking about quitting but stuck with it figuring that I would have to catch someone, I usually get stronger as the race gets longer. When a Team Mack guy came by me late in the race I told myself I was going to hang with him; he dropped me in 30 seconds. With two laps to go I told myself I was going to close the gap and pass him but it just wasn't there.

As miserable as it may sound it was a great race. I can't say I learned anything from it, which sucks, but I really enjoyed it. Everything but the condition of the course. The course was brutally bumpy and I have to figure out a way to get some more cush, maybe 4" of suspension.

We went to The Scottish Arms and the good news started to roll in. The Patriots pulled through late in the 4th quarter. This guy is clutch, and the guy who has been looking at my Saab 92-X called to say he wanted to buy it, which means a new Element on the way for me! The Sheperds pie was good and the bartender made me the best bloody Mary I have had in a long time. Cape Cod Country club kind of Bloody Mary... Yeahussss!

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