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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bubba CX @ Queeny

...just got back from our annual Mesa shop mountain biking trip to Asheville NC on Friday and was feeling pretty beat; some pretty epic rides/ hike a bikes, lots of beers, some great food and a little trout fishing. That news will have to wait until the photos are up, so for now it's the CX race I almost didn't do.

Today was a great race for me. Other than missing the Nageltronic Express Train on early in the race and missing the selection, I am pretty happy about what went down. I tried to keep the reigns tight early on, maybe a little too much, but was pretty stoked that I was able to open up a gap on some strong riders working together and watch it grow as the race went on. The guys in the shop were giving me a hard time when I put on the pretty 50 tooth DA outer ring (because Shimano doesn't make a 48 tooth and it's purdee'er) but I was able to turn it to my advantage on the downhill today so that was good. I never really felt like I wanted to quit, the legs were there and that was good too. The intensity is starting to feel a little more bearable and I don't think I offered the photographers any cute photos like I did at Faust, all good.

Todays field of 20 was pretty strong so a 5th place finish made me pretty happy. I upped my standard 2 beer a day program while we were in Asheville to a 10 beers a day minimum and got back on Friday night in time to go to my buddy Pete Rothschild's 60th birthday bash. The party was crazy. Donna had rented out ALL of Frazier's for 250 people with a top-shelf open bar all night and some amazing food. Needless to say after today and the race at Spanish Lake that I got all liqoured up the night before I'm starting to think that booze and CX go together like Terrance and Phillip.

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