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Monday, May 07, 2007

back in the saddle


I raced at Rhetts run this weekend. I haven't raced there since the 2003 Sport class State Championships. That place is pretty rad. The course was in perfect condition and I was enjoying every lap. All 8 of them. I avged 24 min laps and feel great that my last lap could have been just as fast as my first and I am starting to feel comfortable flossing the mtb again. I wish I could say it was a mechanical free day to show my buddy Dan G wrong, but that guy has cursed my bike and I am screwed. The freehub on my 2 month old Crossmax SL's would not freewheel from the start which forced me to pedal through all the technical sections and downhills barely allowing me to rest. I also poked a hole in my front tire with a 3mm stick and had to stop to add air. Who get s flats from sticks you ask???

Here are some photeys from Jen and my trip... http://www.flickr.com/photos/furryblackcat

I would also like to congradulate my homey Eric Pirtle for setting the new course record and winning Syllamos Revenge in AR this weekend. That is pretty sweet, hope he didn't get too muddy.

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Brian said...

I raced Rhett's Run as an expert back in 2003, you little sport class punk. But you sure as hell beat me this time around.

Great race! You kicked ass!