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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bubba CX @ Winter Park- Belgium Knee Warmers Mandatory

"A true hardman opts to forego the knee or leg warmers and instead chooses an embrocation to cover the knees. The liniment provides warmth for the legs and keeps the blood circulating and muscles supple. Embrocation and the sheen created is affectionately known as "Belgium knee warmers". The hardest of cyclists will sport bare legs in the most ruthless of conditions."- http://www.belgiumkneewarmers.com/

I'll keep this one short, like my race. Felt great, really exited about the conditions, looked super pro with my Belgium knee warmers and fresh cut Mohawk but I could have used some better gloves or heated brake levers. My hands went so numb they were slipping off the bars and I couldn't use my brakes which weren't working so well with the brand new pads and Cosmic Carbone Pros. I had the legs and the course suited me but was a little to antsy and attacked early thinking I would be able to make up a couple seconds on Rico, Harre and Mr Mustache himself, Derek Loudermilk, on every lap. Unfortunately there was enough flat and straights for a powerful group of three to outweigh the skinny technical rider. I was trying to get them to make mistakes when I hit the off camber downhill turn. Pain free slip and slide crashing is cool and I even managed to put the first scar on my right hip- EVER!

When Dr. Mark caught me on the back stretch with my hands under my armpits I started to sprint to get on his wheel; my hand slipped off the bar (from the drops) and I almost ate it on my face. The next couple turn were no better and I pulled the plug, warmed up a bit in the car, joined the beer drinking party and watched a pretty cool race unfold.

On the bright side- I have some new gloves on the way and it looks like conditions will be perfect again this weekend. Let it snow, I've got the heat on my knees.

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