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Monday, August 06, 2007

Show Me State Games- Too hot for a skinsuit

I lined up at 11 am and it was already 90 frickin' degrees. I was feeling the effects of a heavy week of training, was trying a whole new nutrition program and was lined up next to some fast dudes and chickies. Jen was pretty exited that there were 4 other women racing the marathon class.

Dan Furman was there on a Trek 69'er single speed, Matt Keeven was there on his new 29'er 1x9, the series points leader was there and there was some not so pro looking dude rockin a skinsuit??? I mean, unless you are Geoff Kabush rocking a white Canadian National Champion skinsuit in the short track you are suspect. So I kept a close eye on him. Other than that the field was about 15 deep which was cool.

The race started and I rode. After about a mile I crested a hill and looked back to see Matt Keeven coming down the descent leading up to the hill I had just crested. That was the last I saw of anyone until I started lapping people. I was feeling really good and able to keep my heart rate low. There were two Stinging Nettle like sections and every time I hit them I big ringed it knowing Keeven had a 1x9 and Furman had a SS. On the climbs I just settled in and spun. There was one really pretty section of bottoms which ran parallel to a cow pasture and all the cows came out to watch. They were really friendly and I would MOO to them on every lap but towards the end I was feeling deprived of protein and thinking of stopping to grill one up, unfortunately I didn't have a chainsaw or matches...

I wasn't using any Hammer products for this race, this time I was using my own SECRET mix of a bunch of different powders, ect and it was going down easy and my stomach was happy. I had some Red Bull towards the end and it gave me wings.

I crossed the line on my 7th lap at 2:59:10 and wanted to bust out one more for training but the officials held me down and told me I was done. "It's all over little buddy SIMMA DOWN NOW!" Dan came in about 15-20 minutes later and the 3rd place guy was a bit behind him. Matt Keeven had some catastrophic failure and fired up his BIG FOOT truck to 4 wheel his way back to the Lou. Jen finished 7/15 and 2cd in the womens and we both won gift certificates to SHAKESPEARES PIZZA from Kurt, the owner as schwag... NYOCE!!!


Dwayne G said...

great job man sounds like you were flying, Im surprised you dont have that series wrapped up yet!! I got plenty of room if you are interested in doing the granny 24, so far its just me and chad with a mechanic. the more the better.

Brian said...

"Skinsuit guy" was probably a guy named Dennis Grelk who does a lot of racing in western Missouri. I can't even imagine the pain he endured for no good reason. I wore a skinsuit on a ninety degree day once in an hour long crit. and almost died.

Good race! Once again you have claimed another one of my titles from last year. You're training a lot better for it than I ever did.

DG and DB need to go head to head with CP. It's like you guys have been avoiding eachother or something. Then BS, DR, and BVD (maybe even McG) need to throw down again. Don't forget the other boys from DRJ: BA, WH, LB, hell even BLM!

Davey B said...

Every time i show up at race without d-wayne or CP there I think it's my lucky day. d-wayne has the eye of the tiger right now. i heard he puts raw meat in a blender to fill his bottles before each ride.