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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Taking Care of Business!

I don't know where to begin. Everything was perfect. I put in a decent run and managed to get behind the 6 0r so super fast guys to get a break from the dust and pile ups behind me and started to establish my grove. I felt so good it was not hard to keep the pace I wanted to make. My first lap was about 55 minutes, my fastest of the day. Jeremiah Bradshaw was doing a really good job of staying with me up until about 3/4 the way through the second lap. My legs were feeling so good it was easy for me to spin through the course and go just a little bit harder on the technical stuff. My new nutrition mix was working really well and I was only taking in about 240 calories per hour and more water than I usually do. I didn't eat one gel the whole race.

A little before the half way mark I stopped for some Red Bull and got a time split of about 15 minutes over a guy named Mark Cole. By 8 pm Jeremy was in second place again, Mark had dropped out, and I had 50 minutes on him and managed to catch him and lap him. The next couple laps were a little rough. My first 9 lap times had all been less than an hour, mostly 56-58 minutes but # 10 was 1:02 and #11 was 1:07 I think.... My Light and Motion ARC Li-Ion battery ran out at the start of Tasty Goodness on my last lap, but thankfully I had a Petzel to get me back. It was freakin' dark in the woods with no moon and lots of cloud cover! I ended up finishing 11 laps in 11:05 which was pretty solid. I was really happy with my pacing and the fact that my nutrition plan worked so well. Jeremy came in a solid second place with a full lap over third! Sweet jesus!

The story of the day was Bob Arnold and Wes coming over with beers in hand to congratulate me and tell us that they had closed a 20 minute gap in a couple laps and the merchant of fast Chris Ploch headed out to see if he could seal the deal just 4 minutes behind the leading team. The guy he was chasing had set the fastest lap of the day.... Chris dominated him. Bow down KC!
St Louis shows up to represent! Act like you know!!!!

Bob Arnold was giving me shit for drinking my PBR's after the race but they tasted so freakin' good!

None of this would have happened without the help of Adrienne, Liz and Robert who were totally supportive for the whole race and kept me motivated. Thanks! Too bad Liz is such a DB though!


TeamSeagal said...

Can't find any problem with a couple of post-race PBR's! Congratulations!

cploch said...

You kicked some serious ass running near the same times as the teams. I found last years results if your interested, we quit around the same time. It gets real boring around that 10 hour mark.

You have to go for 10 laps at the Bluff!

Dwayne G said...

sick very sick, I died last year about half way through trying to keep up with Chris! you need to do some national stuff!!